LoglineAn African tale about Leadership, Culture, Love, Wealth and Power

Tagline – How blue is your blood?

Bukhosi is a story about a community that overcomes its twists and turns by resilience, courage, love, patriotism, a sense of pride and the desire to move forward. Bukhosi aims to close the gap in the current drama television where Swati and Ndebele speaking people are not catered for. It is a television series filmed primarily in Swati and Ndebele language. The project is a researched story about a community that still upholds it’s traditions, culture and way of living in modern day society. It touches on themes such as love, classism and gender equality among others. The series aims to educate, make an awareness and shed light on certain issues while entertaining.

The series will be filmed in different areas around Mpumalanga to showcase the province’s beauty and rich culture, attractions, uncover talent and expose unknown languages such as Sepulana while also endorsing known languages like Tsonga, Swati and Ndebele.

Project Objectives

To promote Swati & Ndebele Language and Culture

-To expose Swati and Ndebele which are some of the languages dominant in the Mpumalanga Province, however they are the least exposed in the South African film and TV Industry. The series will include Sepulana and Tsonga languages.

To showcase tourist attractions in MP

-MP is one of South Africa’s top tourist destinations, yet most South Africans still don’t know much about life in the province.

-Bukhosi aims to showcase the province’s stunning scenery and exquisite wildlife experiences. This will encourage interprovincial tourism.

To cultivate new talent, create employment and support local businesses

-Bukhosi is a story by a Mpumalanga story-teller inspired by Mpumalanga residents for Mpumalanga people with an aim of uplifting and empowering the youth through job creation.

-Bukhosi will give first preference to Mpumalanga youth and provide the necessary training.

-The project will intentionally support local businesses (catering, security, accommodation, transport, etc).

-To entertain and educate viewers about Swati & Ndebele Language and Culture


Genre:                       Drama

Rating:                      PG 10+

Theme:                      Culture

Primary Target:      SiSwati & Ndebele Speaking People

Secondary target:  Tsongas Speaking People

Tertiary target:        South Africans & Global Audience                      

The table display researched current viewership statistics in comparison to the population groups. This is to highlight the existing gap within TV of the Swati and Ndebele languages.


OnlinePrint MediaTV & Radio
– Social Media page (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)-Newspaper (Mpumalanga Newspaper)– Mpumalanga provincial stations
– Blog reviews– Magazines– National radio stations (Ligwalagwala FM)
– Email promotions– Billboards– TV Promos
– Product endorsement  
– Open auditions  

Employment Creation Breakdown

The table below display employment creation figures by Bukhosi project. A total of 110 jobs to be created. The percentages at the bottom highlight the percentage of male vs female at 55% and 45% respectively. The next percentage figures highlight the youth vs elders at 86% and 14% respectively, which supports the fight on youth unemployment. In addition to these jobs, Bukhosi project will support local business by utilising services like Security and Catering from the local business.


This is a life time project which will create jobs and expose local talent to international avenues. An initial investment to the value of R360 000.00 has been put in developing and producing a pilot for the series. The trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUWu5jSL4uc

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